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Land Surveying Services

IRON SAM SURVEYING SERVICES is a registered private company, owned by Rusambritchi Banua, a licensed Geodetic Engineer. Our company is steadfast in offering excellent and professional land surveying services by using highly accurate survey equipment to save you time and money. Our Company is located in Tubod, Bacong Negros Oriental 6216 and was established August 17, 2017.

Our Services


Land Title and Standard Boundary Surveys

Topographic Survey

Subdivision Survey or Construction Surveys

Relocation Survey


Other Land Surveying Service

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We’ve Been Surveying For Over 2 Years

Vision –  Our aim is to develop a long term relationship with our clients and to provide them excellent and professional land surveying services in an affordable and timely manner.

Mission –  We take our commitment to our clients seriously by adapting to their changing needs. We constantly surpass our clients expectations without disregarding the local government’s regulations and we prioritize the sustainment of the business we have established to flourish and grow.

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Tubod, Bacong Negros Oriental